Orthopedic and Sports Medicine FAQs

We have composed a list of the most common questions patients have regarding orthopedics and sports medicine. If your questions are not answered below please feel free to contact our office 303-449-8807

Do you have access to my X-rays or MRI studies?
Unfortunately no, we do not have access to other physicians, ER or Urgent Care’s X-rays.  Never rely on someone else to send your images (they can get lost in the mail, sometimes are never sent, or take many weeks to arrive at the office).  It is recommended that you bring in any X-rays or MRI’s that you have on a disc or film.  If you cannot get a copy of your current X-rays or you are indicated for new X-rays, they can be obtained at the office at the time of your visit and will be interpreted by Dr. Halbrecht.
How much time should I plan on for my first visit?
Once the front office has scanned your insurance card and photo ID and your paperwork is complete, you should plan on 45 minutes for your first visit.  Follow up visits usually take less time depending on how your injury is progressing.
Where does Dr. Halbrecht perform surgery?
Dr. Halbrecht chooses to do her surgeries at the Foothills Surgery Center.  She has been working with the same team for many years and has good success with the staff.  The cost to do surgery at the Foothills Surgery Center is significantly less than having a procedure done at a hospital and they have a very low infection and complication rate. Dr. Halbrecht performs surgeries on Wednesdays and Fridays.
What if I need an MRI?
If you are indicated for an MRI, Dr. Halbrecht will order this for you and the staff will help you schedule your MRI, schedule your follow-up appointment, obtain authorization with your insurance, and answer any questions you may have about the MRI.  MRI’s are not done at the office so you will be referred to a reputable facility that is in network with your insurance company.
What if I have a problem after hours or on the weekend?
Please give our office a call if you are having problems after hours or on the weekend.  The answering service will page Dr. Halbrecht who can return your call, or sometimes meet you at the office if X-rays or a cast is needed.  Unfortunately we do not check our voice mail over the weekend, so use the answering service if you need to be contacted, otherwise voice mails are checked Monday morning at the beginning of business day.  Keep in mind we close our office at 3 PM on Fridays.
The ER doctor / Urgent Care doctor recommend I wait a few days or a week to see an orthopedist for follow-up. Should I wait?
It’s always better to be seen sooner rather than later if you have sustained an injury.  The sooner Dr. Halbrecht can assess your needs, the sooner we can get you stabilized in a cast/brace or schedule you for surgery if needed.  There is no need to delay your treatment.