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Stem Cell Treatment for Natural Healing

Dr. Halbrecht appeared on the Live Fit Lean Podcast on December 7, 2016
Live Fit Lean Podcast: EP 101 Stem Cell Treatment for Natural Healing with Dr. Joanne Halbrecht (AUDIO)
EP 101 Stem Cell Treatment for Natural Healing with Dr. Joanne Halbrecht (AUDIO). In this episode, Dr. Joanne Halbrecht shares with us the amazing results she has had through treating her patients with stem cells. She uses her patients’ own stem cells to stimulate the body to grow certain tissues. As an orthopedic surgeon, her specialty is joint repair. With the help of stem cells, she can help the body regenerate meniscus and cartilage on the ends of bones. This is great news for people with arthritis and meniscus tears.
If you don’t have any joint damage, don’t worry, Dr. Halbrecht gives us tips on how you can prevent it.
In This Episode You Will Learn
1. What stem cells are
2. How stem cells are used to repair joints
3. How effective stem cells are at tissue repair
4. How to prevent joint injuries
5. What “Boomeritis” is