Here’s what our patients have to say about us.



Dr. Halbrecht has performed several surgeries on me, and treated two broken legs. After the surgeries – I experienced minimal pain. I only needed Advil to manage my pain two days after surgery. And, my physical therapist says I’ve healed much faster than most compared to patients who had surgery from other surgeons. She’s the best!”


“Excellent results from two different surgeries- Knee and shoulder.”


“Dr. Halbrecht has treated 3 of my kids, and myself and we have recommended her to 4 others all of whom had a good experience.”


“I’ve been warned that orthopedists just want to do surgeries, so I was relieved when Dr. Halbrecht recommended PT instead. Her mission to reduce the number of unnecessary surgeries is greatly appreciated.”


“Friendly desk staff. Physician was knowledgeable and explained all options for treatment. Recommended least invasive and drug-free option for initial treatment (physical therapy).”


“Currently seeing Dr. Halbrecht for knee pain. Dr. Halbrecht is a compassionate, active listener and a partner in developing treatment options for my knees. I have pursued or are pursuing with her guidance a full range of tactics – steroid injections, daily NSAID meds, physical therapy, acupuncture (not her call, but with her knowledge and encouragement), etc. She is generous with her time. Her staff is amazing. Competent and caring.” -Richard

“I have had several surgeries, and this was the best experience I have ever had. Lisa, Tess, and Dr. Halbrecht were all cheerful, efficient, and skillful. Thanks a million!”


“Excellent facility starting from the reception desk. My first session was truly exceptional and gave me faith in healing.”


“HANDS DOWN!!! Top notch experience! I had a shoulder injury from a car accident. While I ended up eventually requiring surgery, Dr. Halbrecht did everything in her power to avoid it. When we had exhausted all efforts, my experience with her and her entire office staff and the entire surgery process was awesome. They are knowledgeable, they care, and I felt well informed of the entire process before proceeding.”


“Top notch orthopedic care. Great Doctor (Joanne Halbrecht) and staff. Couldn’t speak more highly of them.”


“The doctor and the staff are great. I was able to get an appointment within a week of calling. They diagnosed my problem and provided the treatment I needed to get it corrected.”


“Dr. Halbrecht and her staff are great…I was referred to Dr. Halbrecht and so glad I did.”


“Fast and very courteous. The doctor took the time to explain possible outcomes and immediate home care until the time of the next appointment.”